User Interface Design

We take pride in providing our partners with forward-thinking user interface design. By combining visual design, usability, information architecture and mobile-first strategies, we consistently produce clean and clear interfaces that predict users' needs while meeting business objectives.

Custom Development

When off-the-shelf components won't do, we are well versed in delivering custom development solutions for our partners. Whether it's custom plugin development, unique content programming or full blown custom application development, we have confronted it all. When your needs extend beyond our inhouse capabilities, we have relationships with the right partners to get the job done.

Content Management Systems

Wordpress is the undisputed heavyweight in content management systems. Wordpress makes it easy to manage your entire site and publish content autonomously. We have years of experience building on the wordpress platform, but occasionally we lean on other platforms. We have built a number of sites on Tumblr, Jekyll, Expression Engine, Drupal and Textpattern. Our partners typically embrace our platform decisions for years to come- chosing the right platform with an eye on longevity is something we take a great deal of pride in.


Many times partners just need a hand with a particularly sticky design or development issue. We strive to bring fresh eyes to every problem and are always looking for novel and unique ways to address our partners' needs. The bottom line is that we are problem solvers- if you have a problem, get in touch.

Media Management

We analyize your current social media activity, recommend new networks and initiatives, and develop a clear strategy to bring value to your users through media engagement. We regularly develop partner initiatives for Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and Twitter, but new networks are always emerging. Social media management can be overwhelming, but we can maximize your impact with an eye towards effiency.

Web Hosting Support

Web hosting should not be an afterthought. Many modern platforms are resource intensive and require fine-tuned hosting environments to run at maximum efficiency. We always advise clients on hosting, but we also offer cost-effective hosting directly to our clients through Amazon AWS. If you'd rather have a single point of contact for all your development and hosting needs, we can help- email us if you're interested in hosting support.

Personal Training

Available in person, via video or by phone on an hourly basis. We take care to work with your particular setup and experience level, and are passionate about giving you the personal support you need to confidently publish on the web.

Expert Experience

Working full time online since 2000, we have made contributions to the evolution of the web itself. By harnessing and supporting open-source projects we have fearlessly tried dozens of software tools in various web languages. Our strength is to know the available tools – their ins-and-outs – in order to make a qualified choice about your particular project needs.


The tools we use on a daily basis is ever-changing, but these are some of the recent technologies that we have experience with:

  • Wordpress, Textpattern, Drupal & most CMS Custom PHP Web Development
  • Ecommerce specializing in Shopify and Wordpress Development
  • Responsive design patterns
  • CSS3, LESS, SASS, Javascript, and modern web interface standards
  • Bootstrap 3.x and Bootstrap 4.alpha (includes Flexbox)
  • Media management & integration – photo galleries, video libraries
  • Network API integration including Google Maps, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • CakePHP and other MVC custom application development
  • LAMP web hosting configuration, advanced PHP settings
  • Newsletter integration, mailing list software & other 3rd party solutions
  • Social media publishing strategies

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